(Ceferino Malasquez Zevallos, born 1946 in Callao/Peru)

is an inca shaman and healer who traveled on foot and practiced shamanic teachings since the age of 18 in the countries and tribes of South America, Central America and North America.

He traveled with his wife and children through Europe and Asia to India, where he learned Indian yoga teachings, how to play the sitar and guitar, and how to recite mantras from a Brahmin in Varanasi.

As a musician and earth healer, he took part in world music concerts, has been organizing shamanic pilgrimages to the 7 earth chakras, workshops, intensive training, seminars with Inca rituals and sweat lodges in Europe worldwide for about 55 years.

25 years ago he established a spiritual center near Machu Picchu in Yanahuara/Urubamba Valley/Peru.

He organized a pilgrimage in 2012 to power places in Bolivia and Peru with a world shamanic congress from Dec. 17 to 22, 2012 in his center in Yanahuara.

During intensiv training in austria Himmelberg he passes his knowledge and trains with people meditation and and other healing rituals.

The Pachamama Wasi festival for children and elders

Every year at Pachamama Wasi (Inti’s Spiritual Center in Peru), gifts 

for children and elders, like blankets drinks and toys are given away. This action is financed by donations from the Mirnock guardians, among others. If you are interested in supporting this project, please refer to the Mirnock guardians account.


Harald Schneider
IBAN: AT83 1200 0100 2936 8775


or directly to Inti on his peruvian account

some of Inti´s Music

Rain maker Inti Cesar Malasquez
Earth Incarnation Inti Cesar Malasquez
Searching for the Trail Inti Cesar Malasquez
The ancient Flute - Inti Cesar Malasquez

Inti recorded several Cds.

Here you can here “searching for a trail”

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